• Robert Young


    Dr. Tony Canfield Performs Robotic Surgery to Eliminate Patient's Severe Acid Reflux and Heartburn

  • Sharlet Nigh


    Dr. Tony Canfield and the Wound Care Center at P/SL coordinate care for a great patient outcome

  • Madison Golesh


    Since the age of 5 years old, Madison suffered severe acid reflux. In the past years, the severe side effects of the medication was damaging her esophagus. She was referred to Dr. Tony Canfield who discovered she had gastroparesis, severe acid reflux and hiatal hernia. He performed robotic surgery with a short recovery and minimal scarring.

  • James Smith


    In 2016, James Smith suffered an injury that prompted him to seek medical care at an emergency room.

  • Deborah Weiner


    Deborah had her hernia repaired using robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery. This type of surgery often results in less scarring and a shorter recovery time. Deborah was very impressed with the high level of care she received and recommends Dr. Canfield to anyone needing general surgery.

  • Paula Scholl


    Paula Scholl visited her primary care physician when she started experiencing pain in her abdomen. To her surprise, the CAT Scan revealed she had a cyst on her ovary, yet her ovaries were removed 17 years prior. To her dismay, part of her ovary remained and a cyst was aggressively growing on it. That’s when she was recommended to Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim with Consultants in OB/GYN at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s. Dr. Guggenheim and Dr. Tony Canfield performed robotic surgery and Paula was back on her feet in no time at all.

  • Steve Johnson


    Avid biker seeks Dr. Canfield for hernia

  • Dr. Canfield treats physician from Mexico


    Dr. Maria Moro's surgeon in Mexico referred her to Dr. Anthony Canfield for issues arising after conceiving two babies in 20 months.

  • Dr. Anthony Canfield


    Learn more about Dr. Anthony Canfield’s work at the Wound Care Center at P/SL.

  • Dr. Anthony Canfield and the team are changing lives


    Dr. Anthony Canfield and the team at P/SL’s Wound Care Center are changing lives.

  • Patient seeks Dr. Canfield's expertise in robotic surgery


    Richard Discenza developed a hernia after having a complicated back surgery. His physicians referred him to Dr. Anthony Canfield for robot-assisted surgery, and he's doing great.

  • Anna Brawner


    Anna Brawner’s happy smile and apparent good health belie two years of suffering mysterious and excruciating pain. Recently recovered from surgery, Brawner calls Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center surgeon, Anthony Canfield, M.D., her hero.